Who am I ?

Hello World, here I am

Here it is,my personal blog, I m excited, scared and happy to start.

Well let’s start with a little about myself:

My name is Stefanie , currently I live with the 3 loves of my life at beautiful Fort Benning, Georgia. image

I might have given it away but I m going to say it anyways, my husband is in the military and that has brought us to so many beautiful places in this country. 

After many years of infertility we were blessed with two beautiful children, Dom 7 years old and our latest addition Charlotte who is 9 month (time is flying 😦 #stopgrowingupsofast )

I love clipping coupons and saving money, well who doesn’t right? I did some research and joined a few survey sites to see what all that is about. It inspired me start a blog about my journey as a wife, mom, couponer, survey taker and product tester, aka crazy money saver. 

So here I am ready to do this, you will find posts about which sites to try, for me it’s all about safety because I don’t have time to deal with identity theft and all that fun stuff 😉

Okay this is it for now, thank you for reading and following I will post a new blog tonight with some safe sites to get you started on the crazy journey I am on.

Have a wonderful Monday